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Wedding Planning and wedding production services


First of all, let us give you our sincere congratulations on this beautiful decision. Joining your lives and celebrating it, is the expression of love and happiness that you and those who accompany you will live in this new adventure.

If you are here, it is because you have many ideas going around in your mind, and you would like to order them; we are here to support you in giving life to that special moment that you will live.

If you allow us, we would be more than happy to help you to manage all the details of your big day so that you can only focus on enjoying and shining with the magic that you will surely radiate in those moments.




We manage all the weddings as individual projects, seeking not to lose any details in them. We love dreaming together with couples to the point of feeling the ceremonies as ours; that is why we always strive to make every detail become your date a unique scenario. Our great satisfaction is to enter into the venue and to see the happy smiles of all those who enjoy the moment where magic and love get together and give life to your celebration.

In addition, we have partnered with the best suppliers on the market so that everything runs perfectly on that beautiful day.

We are specialists in Destination Weddings, Equal, Symbolic and Religious Weddings.


In addition to the studies that I did and the experience gained in the last years of my life, I feel that every time I plan an event, the knowledge gained is so broad, which makes the next one better than the previous one.

Each client is a different world so that, through them, I know the different perspectives not only of this industry but life in general. I am passionate about meeting new people, which makes this profession not like a job but like a hobby. At me, you will always find a smile and total willing to support you at any moment! I hope that like me, you enjoy this beautiful experience… SEE YOU wink 


  Wedding packages

To cover all the details of your event, we have divided our services to fit your likings and needs: WEDDING PLANNING, JUST COORDINATION, and ADVISING YOU. This way, we will be the first to toast with you when you say: “YES WE DO”



It is the Full Service. We will accompany you from the day you give us the YES, throughout the total management of service providers and products that are involved in the event until the closure of the wedding or post-wedding events. We design this for those brides or couples who are usually very busy and need comprehensive support in the design and execution of the event so that it is unforgettable for them and their guests.

This service will allow us fluent communication not only with the couples but also with the involved providers, ensuring that all the topics are aligned by them, with the goals designed for the event, which will make them feel comfortable in this day. The focus of this service is to integrate all the design details and create a meaningful experience for the bride and groom and guests.

The cost of this service depends on the magnitude of your event regarding production size, the number of guests, and pre and post-wedding events.



We design this service for those couples who want to lead the way in the detail of the event organization. However, they look for support to the final details, adjustments of all suppliers involved and the execution of the project as well. We provide the service one month in advance before the event until its closure. We will do the full assistance of the bride and groom, throughout our bridal assistant service and the coordination of all the providers in the event. This way the couple will be only worried about giving the longed-for YES and then enjoying the spectacular celebration together with their loved ones.

 The couple who choose this modality will be able to hand things over with confidence to trusted professional, weeks before the wedding day, allowing them to fully enjoy their magical celebration.

The cost of this service will depend on the magnitude of your event regarding production size, the number of guests, and pre and post-wedding events.



For those couples who don’t know where to start, we created this consultancy option where we will help them land their ideas, before starting to hire providers, including the wedding planner. It is the initial step that we recommend for those who want to lead their planning, as it will help them to go the right way, saving time and money. These consultancies can be virtual and/or face-to-face and we will provide you with tools so that you can start the adventure of planning your wedding in an orderly manner.

The cost per hour is $110 USD


Tatiana is the BEST in her Profession! It would be IMPOSSIBLE to have such a beautiful and fun event if it weren’t for her and her great team. EVERYTHING was perfect. If we were to choose a city to get married again, we would definitely choose Cartagena and Tatiana as our host.  

Michelle y Edison

Thank you very much Taty for your Great Support. She supported us for a month and a half before our wedding. We thought we had everything “organized” and that we would only need support for mounting, but no! Tatiana took the control of our event and sincerely thanks to her and her group, our wedding was magical, as José and I dreamed of it. Thank you very much and more than recommended!!!

Stefanni y José

Happy Wedding Couple - wedding in Cartagena

It was as magical and pretty as we dreamed it.  In January of 2016, we visited Cartagena to visit our families and to look up for a person or company that would help us with our wedding organization. The connection with Taty was immediate, to the point of disregard making further appointments with other providers because of to the security and commitment that she transmitted to us from the very first day we met her. In that meeting, we talked about everything, I gave rough ideas to her and she completed them for me. We felt that we were going to organize our wedding with the best and she end up being as that. For a year we communicated almost daily, I always had a correct response and recommendation. Tatiana was always very sincere and grounded in her opinions. When we arrived in Dec 2016, everything was incredible, Taty and her team had EVERYTHING coordinated, she supported us even in services that we did not have contracted with her … everything was great. On the day of the wedding, our friends and family told us that it was undoubtedly the best wedding party they ever attended and that we owe everything to Taty. We fell short with a THANK YOU!” 

Lilu y Oscar


Everything will be according to your dreams…

 I am ready to start!