If this question is hovering strongly in your head it is surely because you already gave the YES that many of us want to give. You have started a beautiful love adventure together with your soul mate. You don’t want to miss any detail, no matter how small is the organization and planning of your beautiful date. Even if it is only a ceremony and an intimate toast, you will want it full of magic and love. You may not find it necessary to have the services of a wedding planner at this point. You imagine yourself with the help of your mother, your mother-in-law, or your friends, seeking to close all the details. You may even see it as an unnecessary expense, but as time passes you will realize that the decision to hire the services of an industry professional will be one of the best investments that you can include in your budget since you will have a saving not only money but time, which will allow you to enjoy the process much more.

Every day has its own races, organizing a wedding could also become a marathon if you do not have specialized support. It is the same as when you are looking for a professional for other activities or needs that you are looking for supply (an accountant, carpenter, lawyer)… Yes !!! It’s time for your wedding, one of the most important days of your life, why wouldn’t you hire a Wedding Planner?

When a couple trusts their event in TEvents we like to delve into the details of their personalities, we analyze her likings, their passions, their concerns, and real needs. With all this data we started the search for service providers or basic products for the event. Example: The place, both for the ceremony and for the reception. From here they begin to build a unique design that will identify them as a couple and that in the end will remain not only in their memories but in that of all those who accompany them on that day.

Your happiness is our mission!

We as wedding planners play a vital role in your wedding; we not only accompany you in the planning times or in the execution itself on the day of the event. We will do everything possible so that you live the dream that you envisioned, we participate in that illusion and we take it as our own to make it real. We are with you from the day of the first meeting, we accompany you throughout the process and seeking not to lose any detail to achieve a unique experience.

The main advantage of having our services is that you will have the peace of mind of living your day according to everything that was planned without having to sacrifice time, money, and help out of your family or friends, who as guests should also live this beautiful moment. Do you remember those times when mothers, grandmothers, or friends helped brides on the day of the event and their nerves made them forget important details? Well, with us you will have a guarantee of success in your event because we will have everything covered. Everyone will enjoy the magic and the beautiful energy that will abound in those moments.

The day has arrived and our entire team knows the functions that each person must fulfill. The timing is super reviewed with the bride and groom and suppliers so that we all speak are on the same page. In this way, everything will happen naturally. We verify that every detail is fulfilled: the arrival of the bride, groom, officiant, music, photographers, guests …

Team TEvents

We are the focal point of suppliers and guests to solve any doubt or problem. We have plans A, B, C, D, and more prepared.

At TEvents we live your moments as our own and that is why being close to the bride and groom turns out into friendships that last over time.

Our goal is that you get to your big happy day and live your dream with those you love!

Warming hugs!


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