We know that planning a wedding for couples is too hard, but planning a wedding in a city or place where they do not live and sometimes do not know, can be stressful. That is why we are here, to support you, advise you and guide you on the path that will lead you directly to the materialization of your dream date, calmer and surely with savings of time and money.

One of our specialties is destination weddings because we operate, since 2015, in one of the cities ranked in the top 5 destination weddings, the fantastic Cartagena de Indias Colombia. This paradise gave us all the necessary experience to serve couples who want to visit it and celebrate with friends and family.

The planning process is basically the same as for a local wedding; however, for us the commitment is greater considering the trust placed by the couples, who usually know us personally, the days close to their event.

At TEvents we will be happy to accompany you to celebrate in the paradise that you choose to seal your love adventure.

In addition to our beloved Cartagena, we have supported couples in their celebrations in Mexico (Cancun, San Miguel de Allende), the Dominican Republic (La Romana, Cap Cana), USA (Houston, Miami, Austin, Atlanta)

If you want to know a little more about destination weddings, here I share a post with important information: What is a Destination Wedding? – TEvents – Best Event Planning Agency (teventosctg.com)

Our Process



We invite you to fill out a quick format that will help us to be clear about the objectives of your event, from day zero. In this way, you will receive our proposal very much suited to your liking and/or needs in no more than 72 hours. We will surely contact you sooner if we have any special questions



In this stage we schedule a call where we will review your proposal in detail and which we hope you give us the YES for the organization of your event


Let's do it!

We will be with you from the day you give us the YES, until the closure of the event or events that make up your celebration. This includes the closing of budgets and legal procedures if needed

Everything will be according to your dreams…

 I am ready to start!